Partner with Rateous and receive qualified leads right to your CRM!
Rateous customers will have knowledge of their terms and payment.
Effectively making the negotiating process that much easier for everyone!

*Speed up the sales negotiating process
*Increase customer satisfaction
*We will work with you to get to the Rateous
*Reduce the number of resigns
*Be compliant with the CFPB and eliminate potential discrimination
*Increase confidence with your lenders and eliminate disparate impact

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Our Mission

Rateous is committed to helping consumers understand the financing side of buying a new vehicle.  By knowing what the best potential interest rate could be ahead of time, you put yourself in a better situation to get the best deal possible.  We are here to help every customer achieve this!

Our Vision

We have set our sights on helping consumers understand the auto financing process and make it as easy as possible.  There are many options when it comes to research, purchasing, insuring and servicing your vehicle.  However, there isn't a site where you can determine what the potential interest rate could be.  Until now!