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Acquiring a new auto loan isn't as simple as just your credit score. Lenders look at four different criteria's to determine the rate for which you qualify. The criteria used create a formula called Risk Based Pricing. This formula looks at your Credit Score, Year of the Vehicle, Term of Loan and Down payment (also known as Loan-to-Value).

Rateous has developed an algorithm based on true world lending practices. We developed this to inform you of the best available interest rate without having to ask your sales consultant, "Is this my best rate?".

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We understand that when it comes to acquiring a loan for a new car, whether it be through your own bank or through the dealer, it's not easy.

We have decades of dealership experience and we can take a look at the deal you are currently presented with and advise you on how to proceed. We will take care of this for you! Don't get taken to the cleaners! Contact us today.

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Hate to Negotiate?

Negotiating with an auto dealer can be frustrating even when you're armed with as much information that's available. What's becomes more difficult is the method used by auto dealers to give you options called a " menu presentation". This presentation has multiple monthly payments with various yearly terms and down payments. Even the most seasoned negotiator can't be sure they are receiving their best deal with their best rate and best monthly payment.  

At Rateous, we will work on your behalf directly with a choice of auto dealers to insure you get the best deal you deserve regardless of you credit situation. Unlike many other web-sites, there is no fee for our service which makes your buying experience easy and enjoyable.

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Not Sure What Your Credit Score Is?

There are many websites available that will give you your credit score for free and some that are paid! Here are some options for paid and for free.


1. Capital One Creditwise
2. Discover
3. Credit Karma


1. myFICO
2. Experian
3. TransUnion
4. Equifax

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