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There is an abundance of information on the Internet today to help you purchase your next new or pre-owned vehicle.
Much of the information is redundant or doens't quite hit the mark to truly educate you on how to truly get a great deal!
We have built our site to not only help show you what the Real abd Better Auto Rate is
but we also want to help you understand the process and way automotive financing really works.


Products Sold in the Finance Office

WWhenever you purchase a vehicle through an auto dealer, you will always meet a Finance Manager regardless of how you are paying for your vehicle.

One of his functions is to ensure that you are presented an array of products that are ancillary to your purchase. Buying one or any of these products will create an additional profit to the dealer.

Consider these products the same as any other insurance product you may buy. No different than health insurance, you need to have covered problem before a claim is paid. If you decide you have a need or desire for additional insurance, the primary concern should be the pricing you are presented by the Finance Manager. Perceive this person as a broker for the various insurances being offered with a profit margin maintained by the auto dealer.

With most states, these products will not be governed by any state insurance division and therefore not be subject to a pricing cap. If you are financing your vehicle however, the lender will have a limit or cap for the pricing of each product. If you were shopping for life or health insurance, you would certainly want the best product at the least expensive cost. Likewise, when considering these products the primary concern should be obtaining the best product for the least cost.

Obtaining any product will certainly create a profit for the auto dealer but negotiating a discount will give you the protection you desire at a fair price. No different than negotiating the price of the vehicle you purchased, most products are negotiable as well in the Finance Department.

Rateous shows everyone the best interest rate.

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Hate to Negotiate?

Negotiating with an auto dealer can be frustrating even when you're armed with as much information that's available. What's becomes more difficult is the method used by auto dealers to give you options called a " menu presentation". This presentation has multiple monthly payments with various yearly terms and down payments. Even the most seasoned negotiator can't be sure they are receiving their best deal with their best rate and best monthly payment. At Rateous, we will work on your behalf directly with a choice of auto dealers to insure you get the best deal you deserve regardless of you credit situation. Unlike many other web-sites, there is no fee for our service which makes your buying experience easy and enjoyable.

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