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Determine the Auto Rate You Deserve Through Rateous Without Running Your Credit!

That's right! You read that right. Rateous has developed an algorithm that allows you to see what the the Real and Better Auto Rate is for purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle. Our rate calculator is based on the 4 Risk Based Pricing lending criteria.
Year of the Vehicle, Term of the Loan, Down Payment (Loan-to-Value) and Credit Score. Simply enter these four pieces of information and we will show you the Real and Better Auto Rate for your new or used car loan.

Never again will you have to ask your sales consultant, "is this the best rate"?

Rateous shows everyone the best interest rate.

Get The Rateous Auto Rate

Know The Rate Before Negotiating

You know what you should pay for your new car. You know how much you should receive for your trade in. You know how much you want to invest in your purchase. But do you know what the best rate could be?

Rateous will help you determine a rate based on the four Risk Based Pricing criteria. Don't waste your hard earned money on unnecessary interest charges!

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Know Your Options

Trying to decide between a new car and a pre-owned car? Not sure how much money you want to put towards your purchase? Not sure how long or short of a term you want to go?

Rateous will help you determine which scenario is best for you.

Now that you know your options to make a truly informed decision, let the negotiating begin! You now have all the pieces to negotiate with the dealership and make a get yourself a great deal.

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Hate to Negotiate?

Not a problem! We will work on your behalf with dealerships to get you the deal. Once you are ready to purchase the vehicle we will then send your information to the dealership but not before! We know first hand how frustrating it is to receive a barrage of unwanted phone calls, emails and texts from dealerships. We won't do that to you. We promise!

The only thing you have to worry about is showing up, signing the paperwork and then enjoying your brand new vehicle! It doesn't get much easier than that.

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About Us

Rateous was developed for the purpose of providing consumers the final tool needed to make an informed decision when requesting financing by an auto dealer. The use of information provided by our web site was also developed to stop potential discrimination which can also occur at any auto dealership.

Whether you're searching for a new car loan or a used car loan, Rateous is here to help! Before you finalize your new or used car purchase, check with Rateous to make sure that you are receiving a fair interest rate. We'll tell you what the best potential interest rate is that you could qualify for. We'll even help you negotiate at no cost to you! What are you waiting for? Get your Rateous Rate!

Get The Rateous Auto RAte